Diving In

I’ll be honest, blogging isn’t exactly a natural inclination of mine. Not that I don’t enjoy writing prose…I guess it’s just that I’d rather be writing about someone else instead of my own self. Or putting that energy into a lyric. But who knows, by the time this is over I might actually come to like it…

I’ve been writing songs for a big chunk of my life, and I’m always up for new challenges. When I heard about “six songs in six weeks” it seemed like a fun way to stretch myself and write some songs that I might not otherwise aim for. Well, so far so good. I certainly wouldn’t have woken up last Monday morning and said to myself “this week I think I’ll write a groove-based contemporary song for Matt Dusk!”

Thinking about more contemporary lyric ideas has gotten my song-idea radar pointing in a different direction than usual, that’s for sure. I was at the mall on Saturday and as I was people watching, a young couple got me musing on relationships in today’s age and, next thing I knew, I had a new song title and a few opening lines. Not quite the right direction for Matt, but a fun song that I’ll definitely write at some point.

Musically I’ve been thinking about tones and moods for this first challenge, experimenting with some beats and different chord progressions, just generating lots of ideas and seeing which one has the most potential. I’ve also got a co-write booked, thanks to Lucy LeBlanc setting up a 4-way coast-to-coast Skype session with Roger Beckett and Maryjane Viejo.

And on that note, it’s back to the grooves…

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